When it comes to Money we are all different.

     There are many different approaches or techniques out there on: How to make money?What to do with your money?What not to do with your money?      Hundreds or maybe even thousands of financial advisors or “money gurus” will give you groundbreaking advice that will make you a millionaire. You just have to follow some “simple” steps... Continue Reading →

Combining Experience with Knowledge

     In the times that we live right now, youth face a hard debate. A debate that can change their futures completely by the result on their decision. This debate is: Should I go to college or start working?      This has become a major topic in conversation around youth and people who are considering getting a... Continue Reading →


Communication sounds simple. Yet, do we communicate with one another with respect, thoughtfulness, and clarity? How often are we misunderstood? Miscommunication leads to less effectiveness. Why? Because, in a nutshell, communication problems inevitably lead to challenges in the workplace. Transactional Analysis, (TA) developed in the 1950s by Dr. Eric Berne, is a school of thought... Continue Reading →

You are the perfect tool for marketing!

     As we were developing the company I work for. One of the topics of development was marketing.  How could we market our product and services to reach the audience we wanted?      With many months of hard work and developing different strategies. We came to the conclusion that the best marketing tool is: Yourself      Let me... Continue Reading →

Must READ! 2 Minutes…

Today, I decided to make an exception on the topic of the blog. Instead of saving, today is the day to give. In the past week, the people of the Bahamas have suffered unrepairable damages due to a historic record-breaking hurricane named Dorian. They have lost mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, houses, cars, precious and priceless... Continue Reading →


     I remember the first time I wanted to plan a vacation by myself. I could find myself spending hours looking for information on the computer. Looking up for places to stay and things to do. The more time I spent doing my research, the more I realized: “Planning a vacation is hard and can be... Continue Reading →

How a mouse inspired me!

     A well-known fact known by my family and friends is my fondness for all things Disney. Yes, just like I’m passionate about my own company and helping others. I am very passionate about a company whose global brand ambassador is a talking mouse with red pants, yellow shoes and white gloves.       Around the time, I... Continue Reading →

Paying Your Bills On Time!

Do you remember that age where parties began to be a “thing” back in middle school or early high school? Every weekend, there would be some sort of get-together. I know my friends and I would barely miss a single one. We would count down the days and wouldn’t even need to write it down... Continue Reading →


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