When it comes to Money we are all different.

     There are many different approaches or techniques out there on:

  • How to make money?
  • What to do with your money?
  • What not to do with your money?

     Hundreds or maybe even thousands of financial advisors or “money gurus” will give you groundbreaking advice that will make you a millionaire. You just have to follow some “simple” steps or buy an online seminar. 

     Even though some of these seminars and step-by-step programs, seem to work for some people. All of us have unique needs and wants. Let me give you a clear example of this:

     When you’re fresh out of college, looking for work and wanting to take the world by storm. Your financial situation and money goals, are very different than a person who’s been working 10 years and has a family. 

     These two have very different approaches to finance and money. They may seem completely different circumstances, so let me give another example.

     Consider two college students. Student One received a full ride in the university of his choice. This student doesn’t have to worry of being financially committed when he finishes his degree. Student Two can’t afford college, and must use Student Loans to pay for his tuition. Committing him financially to pay off debt, and the moment he finishes his degree. 

     This is not a fictional example. This is the reality that most students live each year. The money and financial approach these two students have, are completely different. Student One can be more aggressive with his financial decisions. While Student Two must be conservative with his decisions and approaches. 

     When it comes to money and personal finance, there is no universal tool. There are many routes and methods you can use. They all depend on the circumstance you face today and the place you want to be tomorrow. 

     The best approach you can take is: 


     Take the time to study:

  • Where I am?
  • Where I want to go?
  • How can I get there?

     The better you understand your situation, the better off you’ll be. Chances are that the first approach you take won’t be the one that works for you. But give yourself the opportunity to learn. In time, you’ll be the perfect financial advisor for YOUR money. 


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality” 

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