Combining Experience with Knowledge

     In the times that we live right now, youth face a hard debate. A debate that can change their futures completely by the result on their decision. This debate is:

Should I go to college or start working?

     This has become a major topic in conversation around youth and people who are considering getting a degree or education. The answer is not as simple today as it was 20 years ago. In the late 90’s and early 00’s going to college was a sure-fire decision. New industries and services were being developed, and a technological revolution was in the works. 

     Yet after a 2008 economic collapse, jobs weren’t as accessible. This led many students and professionals looking for jobs or opportunities to work on their fields. Some even struggled to find something just to pay their bills. 

     This and many other factors, such as high college tuitions, led people to move away from a college education. Skipping directly to the job hunt.  In some cases, this option worked perfectly. For others, the lack of education has led them to a standstill in their jobs. 

     After understanding this reality, my suggestion is:

Do both!

Throughout my educational and professional career, I’ve always believed that you should:

Combine Experience and Education

     Giving yourself the opportunities and tools to have a competitive advantage from others is key for longevity in any career. While providing you a blueprint for success. 

     Think of it this way. Success in the marathon of your life. Experience is your running technique, while education is a great pair of running shoes. Sure, you can run a marathon barefoot and win. Yet if you are the only person in the race with shoes, I can bet you’ll have a great advantage from the others.

     College is not for everyone. We all choose different paths to get to our success. However, I encourage you to educate yourself in the things you love and work on. Read books, watch documentaries, go to seminars and get certifications. Education and information is more accessible now than ever. 

    Find your path.

    Become an expert.

    Enjoy the ride.


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality.”    

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