Be Consistent

     Being consistent is one of the most important things you should always remind yourself to be.

Consistent in words

Consistent in actions

Consistent in thinking

     Lots of professionals and individuals struggle with this. All of us have started something new and exciting, but found ourselves not being consistent enough to pull through the tough times or to create the habit. A great example of this is starting an exercise routine or diet plan. Most people find themselves at the beginning of each year creating new year’s resolutions and 90% of them write down:

“Get in shape & start a diet”

Lots of them start highly motivated and full of hope that in a few months they’ll have that beach body they’ve always dreamed of. Yet by the third weeks most people stop dieting and working out start to become a chore. That’s the point when you stop being consistent. 

     All of us have experience this in some point or another in our lives. For you this could be with a new hobby, learning a new language or even creating a new business.  In every facet of your life you’ll start to feel insecurities, doubt and frustration when building or creating something new. Especially if what you are building is something that has never been done. People will try to discourage you, while a few others will try to understand and motivate you. 

     Throughout the journey of your life you will face uncertainty and challenges you’d think you are not capable of surpassing. But with time you will see that

Being true to yourself

Putting in the work

Being Consistent

There will be no challenge big enough for you to conquer. 


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always rememeber to have that KING mentality” 

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