Where did all my money go?

Have you ever found yourself thinking…

Where did all my money go?

     After a couple of months in my first job I started to ask myself this question. I saw my paychecks come and go as they pleased, and not really knowing where.  By no means, I was making thousands of dollars a day, but I was doing alright as a waiter. 

This personal interrogative led me to start a simple list on my phone on my expenses day by day. You’d be surprised on how much money you spend on things you don’t even notice. These could be 

  • Food
  • Going out (Social Life) 
  • Car expenses (such as gas) 

     In my case I spent a big portion of my money on food. This helped me organize my money on the way I wanted to spend it and when. Which in part led me to expand my tracking from my phone to my computer. I created a document where I could track my expenses by month and day. I created categories such as

  • Food
  • Car 
  • Health
  • Date
  • Luxuries 
  • Investments

     Transforming this practice into a habit, changed my personal finances completely. I always know where I am financially. Keeping track on where I’m spending too much and knowing where can I cut back to save up some money when I need it. 

     Yet the most important thing I learned was, I developed a real idea on how much money I really need. Money not just to survive day to day, but to live the life I want.

     I encourage you to try this habit for at least a week. Give yourself the chance to see where your money is really going. This will help you have a bigger continence on your spending. Chances are that you’ll find yourself developing ways on how keep your life style and save money at the same time. 


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality”

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