Savor the moment

Have you ever found yourself thinking about, how you can spend the money that you don’t have?I believe we have all experience this at one point in our lives. We are so carried away on wanting to spend money we don’t have and own things we don’t need. That we lose touch on the moments we’re living and the people that surround us.

     We are surrounded by a materialistic world and environment. Focusing on:

  • What do others have?
  • Why can’t I have that?
  • I’ll be happier if I had more.

     As time passes by having this mentality two things can happen:

You’ll be consumed by materialism.


You will notice all the time and effort you spent focusing on the wrong things.

     Savoring the moment, enjoying the little things or just being present is true wealth. There are many moments that we pass on in our journey, by focusing on the wrong things. I can offer you examples on this:

  • When you sit in a doctor’s office, bus or subway, do you stare at your phone constantly? Or do you look around and try to engage with others.
  • At dinner with your significant other, do you take your time to ignite a conversation? Or do you stare at your phone, answering work emails, scrolling through social media or looking up the news.
  • Do you take the time to talk and play with your kids when you see them after work? Or do you prefer to go to bed or watch TV by yourself because you are too tired.

     These are some small examples on how we let our life and true wealth pass us by. We don’t savor life’s true moments, because we are to focused on material wealth and distractions. Take the time to shut down from the outer world and enjoy the place that you are right now. 

Chances are that you’re a millionaire and don’t even know it!


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality” 

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