What is your definition of success?

     When it comes to being successful there is no perfect formula. Everyone has a different definition on what success is. For some success could mean; financial stability or having millions of dollars in their bank account, while others it’s having a roof over their heads with the people they love. 

     Therefore, I ask you:

What is your definition of success?

     This may seem like a simple question to answer. Yet most of us have never really sat down and thought about this. We see, hear and read about successful people. On how they grinded to their success, what motivated them and how they enjoy their success. Some adapt their methods, try to feel identified with them and work an exact step by step plan to follow their story to see if you can be just as successful as them. Most of the time this does not work. Let me explain why…

     We’ve all since the moment we start our socialization phase in our lives, are dealt personalized and individual opportunities. As individuals, we have the power to capitalize on them or let them go. These decisions that we make day by day are the keys and building blocks to the success we envision. 

     Just as the opportunities are personalized, the success you will achieve will be as well. But more important is to understand that success is not a destination. Success is a journey. A journey that can last a lifetime. It is as important to enjoy the experience to achieve it, while embracing the challenges. As it is to enjoy the finish line. 

     Yet if you do not define and understand what is your personal success…

How can you know when you have reached it?


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always rememeber to have that KING mentality.”

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