You are the perfect tool for marketing!

     As we were developing the company I work for. One of the topics of development was marketing. 

How could we market our product and services to reach the audience we wanted?

     With many months of hard work and developing different strategies. We came to the conclusion that the best marketing tool is:


     Let me explain what I mean with this. You can spend hundreds of hours and dollars developing marketing strategies. Trying to explain to people, how your product is the best and that they should be happy to give you their money for it. That doesn’t work most of the time. 

     I invite you to change your approach to this. Instead of trying to explain;

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • How are you the best?

     Show them! Show them with actions. Let your actions do the explaining and marketing. This is hard. You may find that you won’t make much money or nothing at all at first. But if you’re really that good or have a product that can change lives. Eventually people will notice by themselves. That is the moment where you capitalize. The hardest part of marketing is getting people’s attention. After you get their attention and interest, it’s a piece of cake if you put the effort. 

     You have all the facilities in the world to showcase your skills and knowledge. Use them to your advantages. This could be to market a product or service for a company or to market yourself as an individual. What better way for people to know what you can do, than to show them!


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality!”

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