I remember the first time I wanted to plan a vacation by myself. I could find myself spending hours looking for information on the computer. Looking up for places to stay and things to do. The more time I spent doing my research, the more I realized:

“Planning a vacation is hard and can be expensive!”

     Yet as I came to this realization. I figured out along the way that:

“If you want to become more financial aware, PLAN A VACATION!”

     This may sound a little odd, but stick with me here. Planning a vacation is one of the most fun experience you can have. Being on vacation is even better. But sit down and think about all those little details you do unconsciously that make your vacation stress free. For example

  • Planning your vacation date
  • Comparing different places to stay 
  • Buying your plane tickets on time 
  • Having an overall idea on what you want to do 

     These things may seem simple or maybe insignificant to you. Yet you are using your vacation planning as a financial tool. How is this? Let me explain very easily.  You took the time to prepare for an event that involves your finance and diligently weighted your best options. As simple as that!

     Just like you plan for a vacation and work on your finance unconsciously, try to think about other day to day habits. Habits that involve your finance in some way. Think about:

  • Why am I doing these?
  • How much am I spending?
  • Is it necessary?

     I’m not saying that you should stop your morning visits to the coffee shop or that vacations are necessary. But look at your spending habits as if they were a vacation. When you go on vacation you want to get the most out of the experience. Because you are spending your hard-earned money. This should be the mentality for everything you spend money on. Not just your vacation. 

     I invite you to be more financially aware. If you don’t know how to do this… 



Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality.”

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