Take Action!

Have you ever woken up on January 1st and decided you will be making life-changing decisions? This could involve either creating healthy habits, completing certain projects, or even learning new skills. Better known as New Year’s Resolutions. 

According to the New York Post, by January 12, most people have already abandoned their year-round commitment & around 55% of the resolutions are health and financially related. I don’t know about you, but I find that to be absurd! We might read about it and find it surprising, but the fact of the matter is that we’ve probably all made part of that statistic at some point in our lives. We have created a society that is comfortable with quitting, and like it or not, it is what it is. As an individual, could you imagine how different your life would be right now if you had stuck to your word and completed each task you said you would? Maybe that’s a little too far fetched because it’s a little impossible to do every single thing. Yet, we have been talking about key components in the last few posts. PRIORITIES! If you can stick with all the tasks and goals that work towards your priorities, then we’re cooking.

Most people quit because they forget their “why.” The “why” is the reason why you started anything in the first place, the most important factor that made you want to make a change, or start something completely new. That thing that made you tick, and made the clock start its motion. It could be something different for everybody, but a word of advice, make it something that genuinely matters to you. Something that is not easy to give up because it is a vital part of your life or something you hope to make part of it. For example, many people are not happy with their body, they imagine a perfect beach body and the health benefits that come with it. This thought might start with playful, yet hurtful jokes about their weight while with friends, or it might be plain and simple because of health issues.

As I finished up at the gym around 7 AM, I noticed this older fella. Usually when at the gym I don’t like to be bothered because I’m focused, but since he was done as well, I had the courage to ask. “Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a question?” That was my opening line, and it was too late to back out. “Sure,” he said. 
I continued to ask him what was his “why?”
“Funny you ask, a couple of months ago, I had a procedure done in my heart called Angioplasty. So, I guess my motivation is LIFE. Knowing that at any moment I could get a heart attack and die is all the motivation I needed. Sadly, this motivation came a little late in life, but better now than never.”

I take a similar approach to my “why.” Yes, I want to look good and have that beach body, but I also take into consideration that my family has a history of high blood pressure. I don’t want to be having a heart attack ever, and especially not before my 40’s. Another reason that helps me is that I always try to outperform myself. I don’t compare myself with others, but I am my own competition. BE BETTER THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY!
(I know, cliché)

Looking at the Financial part of it. Why are you saving up? What makes you want to cook and not eat out every day? You have goals and you need to remind yourself about those goals. Either if it’s for your kids or significant other, there is a reason why you started this sacrifice. Dig deep and force yourself to keep up the great work and consistency. Some might want to be millionaires, others might want to make money in order to give back to the communities, and many want to do both. Once you find a “why” that is bigger than yourself, I can almost guarantee that you will not give up easily. This might take some soul searching and complete honesty from your part. What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? What will make you even happier? Just know you are never alone, we are a community willing to help. Stay hungry and stay TENACIOUS!

Edwin A. Rodriguez
Founder of Financial Tenacity

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