How to Start when there’s no beginning?

     Since the moment you are nourished in your mother’s womb you have certain dates or moments defined. These could be by your parents, guardians and even society on when you should start doing different things. For example;

  • 9-12 months – learn how to walk
  • 12-18 months – say your first words
  • 16 years – work for your driver’s license 
  • 18 years – go to college 
  • 22-25 years – Find a Job
  • 55-62 years – Retirement 

     These are some of the basic examples that we can talk about. There are many more depending on where you live, your culture and a wide variety of factors that come in to play as we develop in our lives. 

     Yet, there’s one thing that’s very important that we don’t talk, listen or hear about. No one ever really knows when to start, how to start or even what to do, and that is… When do I need to start to worry about money? 

    Yes, take the time to think to yourself. When was the first time you sat down and thought about money? I mean, money as a whole. What it is? How do I use it? And most importantly How do I make money? 

     There is no time frame, no special class, no license, no rite of passage that really pops that bubble in some specific moment in life that makes you aware of money.

     So, the real question is: How to start when there’s no beginning?

     No specific answer can be given that can fit each and every one of us. We all have different moments in our lives that make us aware of this phenomenon. This could be as a kid when you opened a lemonade stand. When you started washing cars. Your first job at a movie theater or the time your grandparents gave you a dollar that one time you visited them. Everyone has that unique moment where their life changes. We stop being naïve and things are never the same. Here’s why: 

     Have you ever found yourself just walking down the street, or you get out of your car when you reach a parking lot, and start to look at the floor to see if you can find money just lying there waiting for you to grab it? Chances are that everyone has experienced this or even found money. That’s when you know you’re aware of money!

      Money doesn’t have to be the monster under your bed or inside your closet! That causes you stress and anxiety every time you think about it or go to bed. Think of money as what it is essentially…a tool! Money is the tool to acquire your basic needs and utilities. Money can also help you acquire that luxurious car you watched in the movie last night or even achieve that vacation you’ve always wanted. 

     All of us have a different approach to money. Some are very strict and organized. While others are laid back. The important thing is:

Be conscious on your decisions with money.

Ask if you don’t know. 

There will always be a person willing to help or teach you along your journey. 

The important thing is to start!


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality” 

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