Welcome from: Edwin A. Rodriguez

Ambitious, perseverant, tenacious… These are a few words that are really similar, but applied differently throughout my young life. They have also been core pillars of who I am. I’ve always been the type of person that has had hunger for success. This hunger only seems to be tamed as each milestone is reached, but I always get hungrier after the fact. This hunger allows me to give a little extra, push a little stronger, reach a little further, and never let myself quit! Although personal growth is extremely important, it doesn’t mean as much if you don’t help others during your climb of the ladder. In other words, helping others grow makes yourself grow as well.

I am a recent college graduate, and without the help of others it would have not been possible. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in both Economics & International Business Majors. Something most people know is, college doesn’t really prepare you for the real world. You are told what to expect, but you don’t really know how hard it is until you get there. The feeling is something similar of being inside a raft while drifting in the middle of the pacific ocean with no sense of direction. You have a little water, with a few emergency nutrition bars at your disposal. If your lucky a few last resort emergency flares that you hope you won’t need to use.

Yes, this blog is about obtaining your financial dreams, but that entails many more factors in your life. One must be in the right mindset, around the correct group of people. This website will have articles regarding many aspects of your life with the end-goal of both finding happiness and reaching financial dominance.

Although I already graduated, I still and forever will remain enrolled as a student of life. Life will always teach you valuable lessons, usually by the method of bumps and bruises, also known as trial and error. If you’re smart, you’ll learn from those errors and will adapt and enhance the practice or method you were utilizing. Myself, I still have a lot of bumps in my forecast, and bruises still healing from recent lessons, but invite them with a warm welcome and a firm handshake as they walk through your doors. Because you are not alone, we are a team, a community, a tenacious family. We will learn, and grow together.

Welcome to Financial Tenacity.

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